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Kid's Herbal Armor Spray - Natural Insect Repellent, 4 oz , (All Terrain)

Kid's Herbal Armor Spray -

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Kid's Herbal Armor Spray - Natural Insect Repellent, 4 oz, (All Terrain)

All Terrain Kids' Herbal Armor is a highly-effective, safe, natural, DEET-Free insect repellent that uses six natural-repelling oils at 25% total concentration. A patented time-released encapsulation has been clinically proven to be 100% effective for two hours and 95.8% for three hours. Herbal Armor is non-irritating, allergy tested, and safe for sensitive skin. Made for active outdoor enthusiasts, Herbal Armor is sweat and water-resistant for active lifestyles. Won't damage clothing or equipment. Meets strict standards for natural ingredients.
  • Awarded Best Gear by National Geographic Adventure - “Of all the natural, DEET-FREE bug repellents none that we tried was as effective as Herbal Armor.”
100% DEET-FREE; only natural ingredients used. Clinically proven to be 100% effective for over two hours, 95.8% effective for three hours and 77.1% effective for four hours. Unique formula w/five natural essentials oils recognized by the EPA as repellents

Shake well. Apply liberally and evenly to exposed skin every 2 to 3 hours. For application to face, apply to hands and wipe on face avoiding contact with eyes and mouth. Product may also be applied to fabric.

Caution: Keep out of reach of c


Chinese Name: All Terrain婴幼儿宝宝儿童天然植物驱蚊喷雾乳防蚊液 4 oz/120ml
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Kid's Herbal Armor Spray - Natural Insect Repellent, 4 oz, (All Terrain)

Oil of Citronella, Oil of Peppermint, Oil of Cedar, Oil of Lemongrass, Oil of Geranium. Other Ingredients: Water, Beeswax, Soybean Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Vegetable Glycerin, Sorbitol, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Vitamins C & E. No animal testing. Teach c


Kid's Herbal Armor Spray - Natural Insect Repellent, 4 oz, (All Terrain)

Editor's rating: 7 out of 10
User's rating: 67% 33%

Jenny  "Great spray"
I bought this for my kids during summer time so they wouldn't get stung and it is really great. We like to go out for hikes up in the mountains and I got this one for my kids and I got the adults version. Works well.

Brendon  "Does not work"
This did not keep any of the mosquitoes away. My kid still got mosquito bites and there were even some bees roaming around.

Kelly  "WORKS!"
I bought this for a getaway at our house on the lake. There are a lot of mosquitos around and this has definitely helped with not getting any bites.


Kid's Herbal Armor Spray - Natural Insect Repellent, 4 oz, (All Terrain)

Herbal Armor Kids Spray is shipped in a discrete, unmarked package. Orders are processed immediately and usually take about 3 to 5 working days to be received. We do ask that you try it for 2 to 3 weeks to feel the full effects. Any information received is used only for order processing and shipping purposes. Your information, such as e-mail address, will never be disclosed to a third party.


Kid's Herbal Armor Spray - Natural Insect Repellent, 4 oz, (All Terrain)